About Grace

About Grace Scarbrough, M.S., LMBT NC#4882, RYT200

Degrees/ Licenses
* Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy since 1999
* Graduate of the Central Florida School for Massage Therapy, Winter Park Florida, 1999
* Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hrs. Asheville, North Carolina, 2008
* Subtle Yoga Teacher Training, Asheville, North Carolina, 2008
* Masters of Science, Experimental Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1995
* Bachelors of Arts, Psychology, University of Central Florida, 1992

I have had an interest in the healing arts since childhood. I subscribed to Psychology Today while in middle school, the only healing arts magazine available on a broad scale in my hometown at the time. As a high school and college athlete, I appreciated the benefits of holistic health care and especially the benefits of massage therapy in enhancing athletic performance and aiding the recovery from injury. Later, as an adult, I experienced the death of an infant and found massage therapy, acupuncture, and reiki to greatly help in the soul healing that this experience required. Eventually, after 3 years of teaching psychology at a community college in Florida, I left the academic world and went to massage school pursuing my heart’s dream. It is my desire to share with you the gifts and benefits of the healing arts and it is my hope that you, too, will experience a deeper connection with yourself as a result.

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